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The Essentials Of Linux & Windows – Welcome to a blog about Linux!

Ok…so it’s a blog about Linux and the first thing you might ask (if you’re like me) is “What the heck is that?”

Linux is a software program.

And…that’s all I know.  So although my title is about linux, I’m probably better able to talk about a Linx…which is the linux without U.

How crazy is that people use computers everyday but we lack the knowledge of what the internet is made of or what most programs are made out of.

So, in this blog, my goal will be to explore different software’s that are used online and how they can help you make the most of your online experience.  A little history and a little user advice and both you (the reader) and I (the author) will hopefully expand our computer base knowledge.

I will not stick to just talking about software though.  I will also talk about hardware because you need it in order to run software in the first place.

So..if you are ignorant to Linux, like me, here’s a basic run down of what it is:

Basically, Linux is an operating system.  It’s a program (software) that is on a computer which allows the main operator to access devices and make them perform a specific function.

Basically Linux is very much like Windows and OSX, but it is not the limousine of operating systems.

Linux is actually larger.  It helps to power the New York Stock Exchange, mobile phones and many other devices.  As an example, here is a website that is powered by Linux.

Explained in these terms, Linux is very similar to other operating systems, such as Windows and OS X.

Linux is made in a collaborative effort and no one person can be solely responsible for its creation or support.  Everyone involved in development of Linux share costs and research.

Linux For The Desktop

Did you know there are options for using Linux desktop solutions?  Who needs Windows anymore.

Today we will look at Linux Mint.

linux mint

Mint is pretty cool.  It comes with 2 window managers.  Like really!  One is called Marco.  It is the simplest of the 2, but it is stable and fast.  Compiz is the 2nd one and is more advanced and needs more computing power.

You can switch between the 2 window managers quite easily.

Some awesome applications include Koffice which as you might guess has a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation application (think power point), flow charting, and even project management.

Another cool application is digiKam.  It is a photo management software that provides ability for you to view, enhance and edit your photos.  You also have capability to a digital camera.

I am also going to mention for those folks who just can’t live with out their Windows applications, yes there are options to run those as well on Linux Mint.  But I am not going into that here.  You can easily find out how with a simple search.


Linux Mint also has a cool update manager.  This allows you to apply software updates easily and stay current on new features and bug fixes.

Language settings are available for you to not only pick the language that you speak but your region or country.

You have options for picking your desktop theme as well.

Some other nifty features include changing colors of individual directories so you can easily identify favorites or go to spots.  You also have a ton of backgrounds to choose from.

The current version of Linux Mint will be supported with security updates until 2019.

So if you are looking for a desktop solution for your business with years of stability, you may need to look any further than Linux Mint.

And best of all, did I fail to mention Linux Mint is FREE!  Check it out.

Where Did Linux Come From

helsinki city

Would you believe Linux was created by a college student in 1991?  That’s right a student at the University of Helsinki named Linus Torvalds, decided to take matters into his own hands when he couldn’t get any modifications done to the version of unix he was using.

So Linus’ (see where the name Linux came from) wanted something that could change and evolve over time with suggestions that actual users of Linux made.

Linus was aggressive in soliciting user feedback.  He put the word out world wide.

By 1994 it got to a point where a company called Red Hat noticed what a great operating system Linux could be and got it stabilized to where you didn’t need to be a programmer to install Linux.

Over the next 5 years is where Linux really matured and gained popularity.  A Linux desktop environment was developed and then there was no stopping it.

At this stage Oracle Corporation and Sun both decided to support Linux use with their products.

The Linux Foundation was formed in 2000 to maintain the core values on which the software was first developed.

By 2006 Linux was the 4th most used operating system.

Linux is popular today because it is a very stable and cost effective.  It can run on Servers to PC’s.

Here is a fact that most users probably do not know.  Android is a Linux based operating system.  That truly illustrates how far Linux has come.

You take so much for granted on what you can accomplish with your Android smart phone, but give it some thought about how it all started.

Here is a cool video on some neat uses for Android phone -


About Surfing – Not On The Internet


We are not going to talk about linux today.  Which does run on servers that allow you to surf the internet. We are going to talk about surfing the waves in the ocean.

You have seen surfers in real life or in the surf movies.  Have you ever wondered if you could do that?   Yes you can, and it is not as hard as you think.

The first skill you will need is how to get your balance on the board and be able to stand up without falling over into the water.  You can start practicing on land.  Put the surfboard on something that allows the fin to still be in the air and not touching the ground.

Next jump on the board and see which position feels the best for you.  which ever that is always go with that foot as your forward foot.

The main move you need to practice is where you go from lying down to standing up.  This is done in 3 steps. 1 push yourself up with your arms, 2 pull your knees underneath you and 3 jump up onto your feet.

Practice makes perfect so get real good at this move.  Once you have done that it is time to take your self to the beach.

Start at a beach that is not that crowded with other surfers and also where the surf is fairly calm.  Your main goal here is to get comfortable getting up and down on your surfboard.

Watch other surfers and see how they maneuver in the water.  Imitate how they paddle through the water.    You should be able to glide on the water and it should not feel like you are having to put that much effort into it.

Once you are getting good at getting up into a standing position and it is starting to feel natural you can head out to bigger waves.

Find a spot where the waves are bigger and you can see more surfers out there.  Observe for a bit in what area where the waves are breaking the best.  Where most of the surfers are will give a big clue.

The next skill you will be practicing is how to time the wave, how to get in front of the curl before it breaks.  This will take a little time and there is a bit more energy involved as you need to hustle to get in the right position.

You will need to get a feel for when it is time for you to stand up, you get a sense for when the wave has caught you and it is time to surf it.

Always watch the better surfers and emulate what they do.   As you get out on the ocean more and more, before you realize it you will be surfing like a pro.

Surf In One Day

Kowabunga Dude!


Cameras That Spy on the Unsuspecting


One thing I absolutely love about blogging is that I can really talk about whatever I want.

There are no limits!

I can type in an airplane and talk about them.

I can type in a limo and talk about them.  Speaking of all time favorite limousine is the Ford Excursion one that one of my friends has.

I don’t know how many of you know someone that owns limos but I do.  I’ve been learning a lot about them lately because I’m helping a friend of mine.

Why does he have limos?

That’s a funny story!  He bought a limousine in his mid 20′s for one reason…..and it wasn’t to make money.

It’s probably the funniest thing I’ve ever heard about limos in my life.

My friend Jim bought a limousine because he got a DUI (that’s the bad part of the story).

Jim is a great guy, he just made a stupid mistake and I’m not going to make excuses for him.  But I will say that I’ve learned that just because someone has a DUI doesn’t mean they are forever to hold a scarlet letter.  However, if there is anyone that I know that could really wear a scarlet letter (of DUI) on their shirt, it would be Jim.

He does it in Style.

limo blog

He bought that limousine because…..well…Let me quote him: “I wasn’t going to fucking be driven around like  a baby because I couldn’t drive, so I bought a damn limousine and hired a driver. I figured if I had to rely on someone else to drive me around, it was going to be in a limo.”

Tell me that’s not one of the craziest ways you’ve ever heard of someone getting into a limo business before!  This is who he fancies himself as.  Good luck with that Jim!

Anyways…back to my blog post (wow…I really got off track there!)

I wanted to talk about the wild life cameras and how they can photograph the ever mysterious and hard to get a hold of: LINX.


Because Linux reminds me of Linx.  And I really didn’t want to talk about Linux again.

Maybe I can come up with a cool acronym for Linux.  Let’s see….

Little Iguanas Necking Under Xylophones


Let me sleep on that one for awhile!  I’ll be happy to talk about the wildlife camera next time.

For now..I’m going to disappear like a linx and take a nap.